Tips for safari planning

Find your price/luxury ratio:

A. Extreme budget can be very comfortable, if you’re independent. It’s possible to very enjoyably drive (or have someone drive) your own 4×4, camp out on your own cushy bedding, bring your own food and drink, have the campsite chef cook delicious meals, take hot showers, hire a local guide (and driver if you want) for your game drives. All for about $40 per day (plus park entrance fees of $80) per person. For example, drive out to Maasai Mara yourself (easy) to a campsite… good chef, hot showers, your own comfy tent and bedding, cozy campfires, guides who grew up right there (you can opt to hire an open-sided vehicle nearby), waking up and stepping right out into wilderness, and total autonomy… feels like the right way sometimes. 🙂 And is SUPER cheap.

Extra special strategic tips:

1. Vehicles really matter. If you can splurge for a private one, that’s ideal. But if you’re joining a group, try to arrange for a tour that caps the number of people to a smaller group and is very communicative about how the sharing will work, so everyone will be accommodating and will have their turns at a good seat.



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