International development

2 min readJul 22, 2016


For the charitable donor.
(Requires VPN if outside US.)

Music video:

Resulting campaign, with more videos.

For the fan of innovation.
(and it’s a real organization to fund and reward for its ingenuity)

For the selfless adventurer/explorer/expat.

For the romantic. These two are real.

“Tsunami and the Single Girl: One woman’s journey to become an aid worker and find love.” Set in humanitarian disaster zones around the world, Tsunami and the Single Girl is the story of Krissy Nicholson’s journey to become an aid worker and her (seemingly) never-ending search to find a soul mate.

And about another book in the same vein, a nice response to the Louise Linton gap year book fiasco:

For the white savior.

Kudos to the person putting in this much effort.

But reality is very similar.

For the Taylor Swift fan. On current pop culture portrayals of Africa.